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October 24, 2012

PSA: Avoid information leakage via iTunes sharing of voice memos

by e1ven

While waiting for my flight home from SFO, I tooling around in iTunes to pass the time.
As I my flight became increasingly delayed, I started exploring the libraries of some of the other passengers, as they passed in and out of the airport.

One thing that I noticed on quite a few laptops as they passed by, is that people are sharing Voice Memos in iTunes — And I doubt that they intend to me.


I’m not the sort to listen through people’s personal voice memos, but further testing with some of my machines show that iTunes does generally attempt to block these files from streaming, even though it does display them.

I can see how this might cause problems if the file were named something like “Shocking Confession of infidelity”, but should otherwise be fairly benign.

We can take advantage of this, in order to remove them from the Shared list-
iTunes is able to detect these files, and by default will set the “Media Type” field to be “Voice Memos”, rather than “Music”.


What I’ve done to be avoid any potential issue, however, is to uncheck “Share Entire Library”, and only allow iTunes to explicitly share “Music”.


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